Latex-Free REP Band (5 Feet)

$5.55 - $7.50
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Key Features:

  • 5 feet long by 4 inches wide flat resistance band
  • The preferred latex-free band for many health and fitness professionals
  • New, improved non-latex formula
  • No latex. No powder. No odor.
  • One progressive color scheme to remember
  • Individually polybagged


New formula REP Band(TM) Resistive Exercise Products are designed to have characteristics that are virtually identical to latex bands, but without the danger of latex allergic reactions. The new formula REP Band offers greater elastic response, higher resilience, and faster recovery than the previous formulation. Made of FDA-approved synthetic polymer material that has been skin tested and proven non-allergenic, REP Band Resistive Exercise Products contain no latex or dry natural rubber. REP Band Products allow you to stock one line that facilitates all types of resistance therapy, even aquatics, plus gives you the performance of latex without the hazards.



Color Classification Resistance*
Peach Level 1 3-4 lbs
Orange Level 2 5-6 lbs
Green Level 3 6-7 lbs
Blue Level 4 8-9 lbs
Plum Level 5 10-11 lbs


*at 100% elongation

REP515ft REP Band - Level 1 (Peach)0.05 LBS ($5.55)
REP525ft REP Band - Level 2 (Orange) 0.07 LBS ($5.90)
REP535ft REP Band - Level 3 (Green) 0.08 LBS ($6.50)
REP545ft REP Band - Level 4 (Blue)0.09 LBS ($7.05)
REP555ft REP Band - Level 5 (Plum)0.1 LBS ($7.50)

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